About Our City

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We want to welcome you to The City of Thornhill, a close community that hosts events including a city picnic, and a holiday gathering. The City of Thornhill lies on wonderfully treed rolling ground in the Northeast portion of Jefferson County, Kentucky. The City of Thornhill is situated upon land that was once part of the Bates family farm, which was originally land grant property. William Dohrman Builders bought the land in 1962 and began developing the subdivision in 1963. They named it Thornhill because of the native Washington Thorn tree growing on the property. The area still abounds with black locust and a few honey locust trees, which have thorns that are longer and sharper than the black locust.The house at 2303 Thornhill Road was the “model home.” The first house occupied was the Palmer’s house at 2311 Thornhill Road. They moved into their home in 1964 and are still residents.

The City of Thornhill was incorporated as a sixth class city in November 1976 using a commission form of government. It is comprised of 73 homes set on just over one square mile of land. The City is an outgrowth of the old volunteer Thornhill Association, which was founded in 1970 to collect funds for road repair and social functions. Membership dues were $25.00 to finance the services needed to keep the City in a respectable looking condition. The residents voted in 1976 to dissolve the Association and to form a sixth class city.

The City of Thornhill is located at latitude 38.288, longitude -85.626 at an elevation of 571 feet. The population as of the 2000 census was 175. This count was updated in 2008 with a population of 192 reflecting a 9.71% increase. That’s a testament of what a great place the City of Thornhill is to live in.

City Officials


Michael Bailey

City Commissioners:

Christina Milner, Superintendent of Finance
Troy Alvey, Superintendent of Environmental Services
Marlena Bailey, Superintendent of Property Management
Rosemarie Swearingen, Superintendent of Works

City Clerk/Treasurer:

W. Andrew Pierce

Appointed Officials:

Louis Straub, Ethics Officer